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    Brooklyn Marcus - I've always kind of liked Brooklyn on a boy (dang you Beckhams!) and it sounds really good paired with a strong, masculine middle name like Marcus

    Ebenezer William - Ebenezer sounds so... Cute to me, but it still ages well and William is classic, of course

    Lucas Thor - I like Lucas and Thor makes me laugh, a girl I went to high school with used Thor as her son's middle name also (his daddy went by Thor in school even though he isn't "Thor-like" in the slightest

    Morgan William - I liked seeing Morgan on a boy

    Tristan Atlas - this combo is just so handsome to me and I REALLY like Atlas

    Jonah Eden - Jonah is kind of a guilty pleasure name for me, I love the name, but it makes me think of the Jonas brothers and I cringe... It's a love/hate relationship

    Baxley Kirk - this is so cheesy and trendy, but it still sounds fun to my ear

    Rex Allan - Ah, this is handsome. I've always liked Rex.

    Harper Allen - SO HAPPY to see Harper on a boy's list. Just saying.

    Halston Rhett - this sounds so cool to me. I love Rhett and Halston sounds distinguished.

    Calliope Egypt Anselle - I don't know why, but this sounds really good to me. It LOOKS strange, but sounds awesome.

    Ellis Harper - I would prefer this on a boy, but the name itself sounds cool regardless of gender

    Everly Drue - I LOVE Everly (it was my great-grandmother's middle name) and I think of using Drew (this spelling only) in the middle name spot from time to time

    Gypsy Mabel - I think Gypsy is a cute name, not one I'd use, but it's still cute and I'm really like Mabel right now

    Harlow Stella - I just... Love both of these names. I think they would be better switched (Stella Harlow).

    Hermione Frances - Not a fan of Frances really, but these fit together really well.

    Indiana Summer Rose - LOVE Indiana and Rose (in the first name spot, not middle)

    Meadow Elena - Love both of these names and they sound really great together.

    Noa Arianna - this just sounds pretty

    Ambrosia Nyomi - Ambrosia seems like such a... daring choice to me and I love that. Nyomi is really pretty.

    Eisley Kate - I've been liking Kate lately, but Eisley sounds strange and cool at the same time.

    Apple Elyse - I do have a soft spot for Apple...

    Charlotte Love - this is simply cute

    Bristol Marie - not a fan of the Palins, but I do kind of like Bristol

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