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    I wish I could comment on all of them but it would take too long. These stood out to me the most.

    Avery Joseph- Usually don’t like Avery but it is nice her
    Ebenezer William- Interesting, I actually like Ebenezer for once
    Lucas Thor- I love Thor, but not enough to name my child after him
    Jonah Eden- Nice
    Wren Roberts- Wren is all girl to me now
    Moriah Demon- Why have Demon in your child’s name? They are going to regret that when he gets older.
    Britton Reef- Biased because this is my great-great grandfather’s name, but Reef is not my first middle name choice. It is still nice.
    Clark Monroe- Don’t really like Monroe but it isn’t the worst.
    London Eugene Jr. – I love sons named after their father’s. My husband never wanted that. Love Eugene!
    Octavious Lanoris- First name not spelled correctly, but not bad.

    Bliss Bella- Good luck to her trying to get a job when she is older, Poor little girl
    Ezra- Boy name to me, but oh well. At least it is spelled correctly
    Gypsy Mabel- Blah, why name your daughter Gypsy?
    Harlow Stella- Tired of both names to be honest
    Heaven Marie- For once someone used Heaven instead of Nevaeh!
    Hermione Frances- Not bad if you can get past the Harry Potter connections. She is a good namesake though. Love Frances!
    Britton Greer- My great-great grandfather’s name was Britton, so this is all boy to me. Oh well again
    MiAmor- A Spanish person will shake their head in grief.
    London Olivia- Tired of London, but this is better than a lot of the others on this list.
    Trinity Unique- Okay, next
    Charlotte Love- For once there is a good first name
    LaMiracle Berleeyah- Oh my gosh, no comment

    I only like Hunter Remmington and Halston Rhett for the twin names. None of the others will have their own individuality.
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    Hunter Remmington is too themey! Remington is a hunting sporting goods brand.

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    Tristan Atlas
    Bliss Bella
    Lennox Loralei
    Dallas McKenna
    Jonah Eden
    Rex Allan
    Hunter Remmington and Halston Rhett - not bad in comparison to the other twin names

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    *cheers for Morgan on the boys' side*

    Poor Calliope Egypt. Both are unusual names (and Anselle) with nothing to fall back on if she doesn't like her first name. I see Callie in her future.

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