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    Please Help with Names for Girls, Preferably Beginning with the Letter "S"

    Hello Berries,

    I am hoping to rely on your kindness, creativity and collective wisdom to assist my family in selecting a name for our second daughter.

    We are currently 21 weeks pregnant and have been thrown for a loop since discovering we are expecting a girl. We had the perfect boy's name picked out during our first pregnancy and were really hoping to use it this time around, but nature has other intentions!

    Our oldest daughter's name is Ariel Goldie (her middle name honours my husband's Bubbie) and we're trying to avoid first names that sound too similar when spoken together (such as Orly). Our last name begins with the letter G.

    We're Jewish and we would prefer if the first and middle names could be Hebrew or Yiddish in origin, however we are open to any and all suggestions from other cultures.

    We would like to honour my late father-in-law, Saul as well as potentially an Auntie Sylvia who is recently deceased. However, we're having a lot of trouble with the letter "S"...

    In my many months of searching I can find only two potentially usable names that start with this letter: Shoshana (which I love but my husband hates due to negative association, plus it's a bit of a mouthful) and Sarah, which is too common and which I feel no connection to.

    I realize we could use either as a middle name or a Hebrew name, but we were hoping to love our second daughter's name as much as we do our first.

    I've been driving myself crazy trying to test names out on the baby-to-be - it's challenging to know she's a "she", yet I still have no lovely name to call her by...

    Names I love (but which my husband does not) include:


    We don't mind Tzipporah (love Tzipi as a nickname), Carmel (I would prefer Carmela, but the association with the Sopranos is too strong). We also don't mind Eden, but we don't like the nickname Edie (and we would like to have a nice nickname, if possible).

    Also, my parents aren't Jewish and have trouble pronouncing Ariel, so ease of pronunciation is a factor as well.

    I know I'm overthinking this and I wish I could be less picky, but a meaningful name is so important and I'm hopeful you fellow name nerds will understand.

    I can't wait to see your suggestions and thank you all so very much for your help.

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    I know everyone will say this but Shoshana is lovely but if you can't use it maybe Susannah/Susanna? I love Shona so maybe that could be an option. I think Tzipporah is a bit much as a name though. Carmel is beautiful maybe Carmelle? I have seen it on a teenaged girl before. If you think Eden is nice but Edie isn't perhaps Ever? That has the nn Evie, or Eve, maybe.

    I like your middle names, they're quite nice. Too bad your husband doesn't like them. The only other potentially Jewish name I can think of is Havilah, sorry.

    Hope this helped!
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    Well, Liat is a beautiful Hebrew name that you might like!

    Might Sadie "count" as a Hebrew name in that it is a nickname for Sarah?
    Shalom also comes to mind.

    What kinds of names does your husband like?

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    As Watermellie already suggested, my first thought was Susannah. Susannah Eden sounds like a pretty combo.
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