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Thread: Solomon mn?

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    Solomon mn?

    I love the name even though im not sold on it. I would like to honor my DH by giving our baby the same initials SRM. His middle u name is Richard and he would like to use it because it is his fathers name as well but I hate it! Solomon Richard sounds old and clunky.
    Any ideas for reworking of Richard?

    Other R options...
    Solomon Reid
    Solomon River
    Solomon Ryder

    The other option for first name is Griffin? But for that I would want a Hebrew middle name that arts with R but all I can find is Ruben.....sw.
    Sorry if this post is crazy!!!!!!!

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    I am considering Solomon as well. My grandfather's mn was Solomon.

    I don't think DH is going to co-sign on Solomon as a first name so it'll likely end up in the middle.

    Anyway: from your list my fave is Reid.

    Solomon Reilly/Riley?
    Or what about Saul Richard?

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    I'd use Richard. Solomon Richard is a strong name and it is best pick for honoring family!

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    I actually think Solomon Richard is very cool. They're both kingly names and Richard has always been a very handsome, regal name to know like Richard the Lion heart? I love Solomon Reid and Solomon River from yours ^_^

    R middles:

    Solomon Radley
    Solomon Rafferty
    Solomon Rain
    Solomon Ramsey
    Solomon Ransom
    Solomon Raphael
    Solomon Regis
    Solomon Renato
    Solomon Reuben
    Solomon Rex
    Solomon Rhett
    Solomon Rhys
    Solomon Ridley
    Solomon Rigby
    Solomon Ripley
    Solomon Roan
    Solomon Roderick
    Solomon Rohan
    Solomon Roland
    Solomon Roone
    Solomon Roosevelt
    Solomon Rory
    Solomon Rowley
    Solomon Rune
    Solomon Rupert
    Solomon Rush

    As for an R Hebrew name for Griffin (some of them might be too "out there" for you):

    Griffin Raam -- Thunder
    Griffin Raanan -- Flourishing
    Griffin Raba -- teacher
    Griffin Racham -- compassionate
    Griffin Rafa -- He heals
    Griffin Rafael/Raphael -- God has healed
    Griffin Raviya -- fourth
    Griffin Rephaiah -- God has healed
    Griffin Resheph -- fire
    Griffin Reuben -- Behold, a son
    Griffin Rimon -- Pomegranate
    Griffin Rishon -- the first
    Griffin Ronel -- Son of Jehovah
    Griffin Roni -- my song
    Griffin Rozen -- ruler

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