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    Surprising Character Names

    Does anyone watch the show Lost Girl? Love it! However, I love it even more now that I know a little more about the names. For instance, the main character is Bo, but her given name is actually Ysabeau. Her mom, Aoife. I always head Eva, but it's actually the original Irish form (I'm pretty sure. Correct me if I'm wrong.). I find myself loving Kenzi more and more when I hear the character's name. I also remember having the same reaction when Dr. Torres' name was revealed on Grey's Anatome (Calliope Iphegenia). There's another character named Evony. For the guys, there's Dyson and Hale, as well as Fitzpatrick who's called Trick. Anyone else find out a characters given name and be pleasantly surprised?
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    Oooo, Fitzpatrick or even Patrick nn Trick is awesome. I've always HATED the name Patrick because of the horrible Pat!

    I like Hale and Calliope a lot as well.

    I grew up with a girl named Keswin who went by Kessie. I prefer that to Kenzi mainly because I'm not a fan of McKenzie.
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    LOVE lost girl! And yes, never really thought about Kenzi until I heard it on the show. People always tell me it sounds ultra-girly (people who don't know the show) but to me it will forever sound BAD ASS! Hale is pretty sweet too - I like it.

    Do you think Kenzi is viable as a full name? Or can you think of anything that Kenzi could be short for that isn't McKenzie (yuck!)?

    I also love Ksenia (as in Ksenia Solo). Do you think Kenzi could be short for that?

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    Lip is a really cool nickname for Philip/Phillip as in Lip Gallagher from Shameless.
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    You should have heard me screaming in excitement when Bo's real name was revealed. Even my boyfriend got excited and said "hey it's the name you like!" I remember reading something interesting about the writers of Lost Girl, and their interest in names, but I don't remember what it was so perhaps I imagined it.

    I think Kenzi works great as a full name. I actually know one. She's artsy, pretty and maybe a little bit eccentric though a wonderful person. She named her daughter Zipporah and calls her Zippy which is so cute it makes me happy every single time I hear it.
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