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    Outrageous nicknames I give my kids.

    I surprised myself when I went with such a brief name for my son. I love the name Jude, but I find myself calling him Judicus or Judimus. Silly, I know, but it just ended up sticking with me. I stopped myself in the store today and thought how ridiculous this must sound to others around me. I also find myself calling Arabella by the nickname Boo. Not as different as Judicus, but still kind of silly.

    Anyone else have a name that they lengthen into a weird or silly nickname? Or are there any you can think of that you might make an unusual nickname out of?
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    I don't have kids yet, but I know I will probably give all kinds of nn to them when I do. I have pets, and I've always given them crazy names!
    Ned: Nedders, Ned Pie, Nedders Pie, Neddy, Squirrel
    Gandalf: Gan-man, Gan, Gander, Gandolphus, Owl
    Silas: Si, Si-man, Monkey

    Carly (pound puppy): C-Dog, Carly Barley, Carberry, Car Car
    Eppy (Boston Terrier): Porkpie, Runt Monkey

    I definitely foresee any kids getting the same kind of endearments!
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    My sister calls me Boo-Boo and Boo Bear, haha. I think Arabella nn Boo makes more sense than Ashley nn Boo-Boo/Boo Bear. Mainly because Arabella has a "B" in it and Ashley has none. haha. She calls my brother Bon-Bon, and his name is John. I honestly don't know where she comes up with them, lol. She calls our baby sister Baby Bear (or even just Baby), but that makes sense, since Tallie's the youngest.

    I don't have kids yet, but I'd love to use silly nns like that for my kids when I have them! Offhand, I can't really think of any silly ones for Caleb, Isabelle, Arianne, Everett, Asher, Jack, Olivia, Violet, etc., though.
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    My dog, Otis, has too many nicknames!
    Poo-Poo pants- He actually started responding to this
    Baby Boy
    Pooh Pooh
    Baby Poo-Poo pants- this ones over the top
    Momma's Poo-Poo pants- what can I say
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    I have so many nicknames from so many people.
    Rob- pretty much everyone
    Robina- uncle (this one's prn. Robeena. Same as the one below it.)
    Bina- uncle
    Pup- dad
    Robo- coaches
    Reuben- friends and both family
    Roro- family friends
    Red Robin- friends
    Robin Hood- friends
    Mgew (my last name is McGrew)

    Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

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