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    You may not believe me but it's a very popular boy name in Russia and Ukraine, a version of Timothy. It is considered very stylish and, honestly, I am unpleasantly surprised to see it here. Sorry if I sound harsh but I think quite silly to consider the name "the worst ever" just because you don't know it's origin. A lot of English(for example) names, even classics, sound incredibly weird to me Russian speakers like me. I don't say these names are bad but try to take a different point of view.
    I don't hate it, it's just very odd to see here in the USA. I know it's Russian, because he is Russian, and I may be biased because I don't like him well so I may have associated the name as bad because the only person I know who has the name hasn't had a good impression on me. I am not against Russian/Ukrainian people as many of the people where I live are from there and I have lots of friends who are of that origin.

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