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    Also, Nimrod-boy's name!

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    I think the worst names are the most popular and dull ones. In my generation these were Sarah, Claire, Louise, Matthew, David and a few others. I know at least five people called each of these names and at school anyone with these names was always referred to with their last initial or a descriptive nickname.

    If you call your child by any of these names they will spend a lot of time being called something like Sarah C. or Claire W. or Big Dave. Ugh. Just choose something more original.
    Current favourite girls names: Verity, Eden, Cliora, Antonia, Morwen, Catriona, Dervla, Colette, Sorcha, Tahlia, Lucina, Vita (as name or short for Victoria), Zabet (as name or short for Elizabeth), Nina, Kylara, Zelda, Sabine, Eliska, Zelina, Mereya

    Check out my fantasy/sci-fi girls names list, you'll be surprised how 'normal' they can be!

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    I know someone who works with a woman named in Christian. That spelling makes zero sense to me. I also volunteered at a youth camp a few years ago, and one of the little girls who'd been signed up was named "Peetches." We debated for the longest time about how it was pronounced, and then toward the end of the camp we realized it was "Peaches."
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    Quote Originally Posted by nowsintechnicolor View Post
    I know someone named Timofey.
    You may not believe me but it's a very popular boy name in Russia and Ukraine, a version of Timothy. It is considered very stylish and, honestly, I am unpleasantly surprised to see it here. Sorry if I sound harsh but I think quite silly to consider the name "the worst ever" just because you don't know it's origin. A lot of English(for example) names, even classics, sound incredibly weird to me Russian speakers like me. I don't say these names are bad but try to take a different point of view.

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    I could go on all day, but here is a handful of bad baby names I've heard:

    Isabella (No offense to someone knows someone or has a child with this name. Just not my style)
    Wachovia (after the bank)
    Female (Pronounced fuh-mahl-ee)
    Gryphon (Pronounced Griffin. Like the name, hate the spelling)
    Isuk (Looks too much like "I suck")
    Myson (My son)

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