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    My brother had a classmate named Oadley (Pronounced Oddly.) Poor little guy! Plus there are brothers I know named Bunrathany (prn. Bon-RAT-any), Bunrathana (prn. Bon-RAT-an-uh) and Bunrathamony (prn. Bon-RAT-uh-mony.) They all go by Rat as well.

    There was also a girl in his class named Loveline (Love-LEEN) and a group of sibling and cousin girls who were Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

    I have heard that La-a story countless times even a close friend who claimed she knew one. I hate urban legends! Another friend overheard a mother calling her daughters April, May and you guest it... June.

    There was a girl in my kindergarten class named Sanatha which always bothered me. Samantha is a fine name, why mess with it!

    I know a girl whose first name is Melanie, goes by Mel and her middle name is Esther... yep, molester!
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