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    Oh, one of the kids at our daycare, Jacob, his dad's name is Joker. :P
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    My friend went to school with a girl named La-a (pronounced: Ladasha)
    My parent's friend worked at a hospital where twins were named Orange jello and Yellow jello

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    There's a guy in my algebra class named Race. As in, "My husband just ran a race!" Or, "As a member of the human race..."

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    If you are still repeating the tired La-a stories, or so tired it's dead story of orangejello and lemonjello, you should not be on Nameberry ... or the internet.

    I have a cousin named Travelin' John. They call him Trav.

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    Wow these are some really bad names. The worst ones I have known are :
    Danger (middle name)
    Zaaron (all the children have names starting with zed and they named the boy after his dad- Aaron)

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