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    I had a cashier whose name was Celebrity.

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    I met someone once whose last name was Caine, and he told me his middle name was Co. As in, (first name) Co Caine. At least it was his middle name and not his first... his sister's name was Candy.

    My mom knew a girl in high school named Barbie Dahl. But her parents were foreign and she was not intentionally named after Barbie Doll.
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    Moania Billius. MyAuntie Myuncle.

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    Gertrude imo.

    Laquantishamae N'cola, yes. I saw it in a birth announcement in a paper once years ago.
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    haha I'm having a good chuckle over these. Especially Allmighty, Allpowerful and Allknowing! Can that really be a true story?!

    Here's the best one I have ever heard. A friend of mine is a kindergarten teacher and she had this girl in her class once.

    Spelled La-ah, pronounced.............Ladashsha. LOL

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