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    I had a friend in college named Austin Power. He was born in 1990, before the movies came out. People never believe me when I mention him.
    A guy at my youth group is named Adam Lambert (he shares the name of the American Idol runner up a few years ago). No one ever believes it, either.

    I'm going to a different high school in a more, ah, culturally diverse area. Kyaura (Kiara), Mekhi (ma-KAI) and Alait (uh-LET) are some of my new classmates. There is no data on BTN for Mekhi and Alait, and Kyaura is just... What's wrong with a real, correctly spelled name?
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    Let's see...I have several.
    Girl in my neighborhood named Abcde.
    Girl my mom worked with named IwillariseandmeetJesus nn Iwilla.
    Boy named UnitedStatesOfAmerica nn United.
    Twins named Twin and Twan. (grateful mom asked hero OB to name them, he thought she was kidding and responded jokingly.)
    Lemonjello and Orangejello were twins at my dad's school. I've graded their papers.
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    I was sorting through name tags and I saw three kids that all had the same last name that I assumed were siblings. Their names were Cookie, Cocky and Hans. I actually like the name Hans, the other two I read and thought 'poor kids!'.

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    Oh, let's see...
    At my dance studio, some of the girls have horrible names (doesn't help that they are pretty bratty)
    Mason on a girl
    Hunter on a girl
    Camden (I just really dislike this name)
    About three Mackenzies , who knows if their names are actually spelled right?
    A girl named Karamie (care-a-me) ?
    There's a girl named Ty, but that could be an real name, idk.
    Five Briannas, and a couple Breannas.
    Yeah, and this isn't at dance, but there's a boy at my school named Jaegar (which I know associate with Attack on Titan because that's one of the spellings of Eren's last name.) I think Jaegar is a legit name, though.
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    My Mom went to highschool with a group of siblings with the surname Terryberry. Their first names were, can you! Yes they were, Terry, Berry and Sherry!! Awful! I also know twins named Amelia and Cordelia. Not bad separately, but horrible together! I've also heard of Blinkley, and Neveah (Yes, heaven backwards-spelled wrong!)

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