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    I saw a BA recently for a baby girl named Mara Maria, and there's nothing wrong with either name, but given that they're both forms of the same name (in fact Mara is the Hungarian form of Maria!), well it made me cringe.

    Clearly these parents didn't consult a baby name book!
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Elisabeth Aurelia ⋆ Iris Christabel ⋆ Ada Marianne ⋆ Harriet Cordelia
    Dorothea Helen ⋆ Charlotte Gwen ⋆ Josephine Violet ⋆ Sarah Clementine

    Asher Benedict ⋆ Joah Valentine ⋆ Samuel Archer ⋆ Nicholas Bertram
    August Lysander ⋆ John Willoughby ⋆ Gabriel Zachariah ⋆ Tobias Nathaniel

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    Empress is one that comes to mind. Also, I knew a little girl named Ruqqayyah. Pronounced Rookiah.

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    I seriously once met a girl called Eggalina! Poor thing. They call her Lina sometimes, but still, that's horrible! I also knew a Cahtherhyn. I am okay with Catheryn, but really, you don't need to get THAT krhi8yv with spellings!!

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    I used to know a girl who was named Afrikkah. Her parents were going for the youneek spelling. They named their other children Ahlive, yes, as in Olive, and Anhah, pronounced like Anna. I also knew a girl named Montevideo after the city in Uruguay...they called her Mona, and now she legally changed her name to Mona.
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    There are 3 kids at a middle school near me:
    AllMighty God Jones
    AllPowerful God Jones
    AllKnowing God Jones

    Yep... AllMighty, AllPowerful, and AllKnowing are their first names, and God is their middle.

    My dad knew a girl named Raisin Rainbow when he was in school. Given it was the seventies, I guess it was slightly normal. But still ://

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