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    Dec 2011

    Let's do a friend this time!
    Hair: Black and pin-straight. Shoulder-length & layered. Blunt bangs.
    Favorite Color: Rainbow stripes.
    Eyes: A dark, dark brown, almost black. Usually faintly lined with eyeliner.
    Other: Completely random and utterly oblivious at times. Favourite song is the word meow sung to any tune. Super loud except for when she's not.

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    California, USA

    (another friend)

    Hair: Boyish pixie, dark, dark brown.
    Favorite color: Green; anything shiny.
    Eyes: Dark brown.
    Other: Loves Marvel superheros, Star Trek, Star Wars, and is a self proclaimed Sci-Fi nerd. Extremely smart and loves math and chemistry. Loves to push herself in the hopes for improvement. Very sweet, not a mean bone in her body. Half Japanese, half white. Super skinny and petite.
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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    Hair: Shoulder-length and wavy, naturally dirty blonde but dyed reddish.
    Favorite color: Purple, but I'm also loving red these days.
    Eyes: Blue with light green in the middle.
    Other: Talkative, creative, sensitive, caring. A writer and costume designer. Usually wears very feminine clothes.
    New momma to twin boys!

    Arlo Sebastian & Ezra Valentine
    Born 1/1/2014

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    Claire, called Clary.

    (another friend, yay!)
    Hair: Naturally a sandy-blonde/brown, but dyed reddish-maroon. Just below shoulder-length. Thick and wavy.
    Favorite color: Blue.
    Eyes: Bright blue.
    Other: A brilliant friend and horrible athlete, she's goofy and takes the time to listen, though sometimes she zones out. She likes books and rock and horror-movie marathons. Especially horror movie marathons. Also zombies.

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    Allison, Lillian, Mia, Myra.

    Me, again.

    Hair: Auburn, just passed shoulder length, normally in a plait or top knot.
    Eyes: Blue on the left, Green on the right, hazel in the middle.
    Color: Ingido, Scarlett, White.
    Other: Total nerd, loves maths, wears geek glasses, love photography, 5 ft 9, enjoys braiding peoples hair, loves Irish accents and mustaches (not the real ones)
    Jude, blackbird.

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