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    Georgia or Sage? Due December 24.

    Hey everyone - Husband and I can't decide between two names - Georgia and Sage. Georgia has been one we have been drawn to from the very beginning, and almost decided that's what we wanted for sure. I love how lush and classic she sounds. Can call her Georgie as a baby girl but let the classy-ness of Georgia stand on its own when she is adult. We love the associations with the songs, the artist and its vintage Americana feel.
    Sage is one that I fell in love with on my own, and husband did not like it at first, so I gave up on it. I liked a lot of nature names (I would have gone as far as Cedar or Sequoia for a girl) and he vetoed every last of them. Until about two weeks ago, when he out of the blue changed his mind about Sage. We love the soft "S" sound, the fact that it is a one syllable name that packs a lot of punch, the dual meeting of the plant as well as "wisdom," it's earthy feel (without sounding like a total hippie choice), and its uniqueness.
    Our last name begins with a G (a hard G, as in 'get'), and is three syllables. Please share opinions! Any feedback is welcome.

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    Wow, it's hard to say. To me, Georgia has an interesting tension of sounding a little aristocratic, yet fun Southern sassy. The double G sound makes it really strong.
    Sage is a completely different kind of name. It's very much one thing, which is what makes it strong. I think of Sage as being soft, wise, and never silly. Also, Sage has a bit of a mystical feeling, because of the healing and ritual uses of the plant. If that resonates for you, then go with Sage.
    I guess if I take the names at face-value, I vote for Georgia, simply because it's more versatile.

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    I really like both, but I feel Georgia stands out more. Georgia gets my vote!
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    SO difficult... I love love love both names (DH vetoed both for gender surprise baby due in 2 weeks) but I think I might have to go with Georgia... this was a long time favorite but a friend used it for her dog so it went off the radar, then I thought, oh well and went back on... just love it so much. I agree that Georg/Georgie is cute and spunky but that Georgia is a great adult name, I also had a teacher named Georgialee and she was such a sweetie, and a southern belle for sure. Sage is strong and sweet and wise and equally as beautiful I feel. You have 2 beautiful choices and you can't really go wrong. Are you set on a middle name yet...? That might sway me more Otherwise Georgia Sage would make a lovely combo!! Keep us posted!

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    Wow, I find this thread very ironic, as Georgia/Georgie is one of my very favorite names, and my maiden name is Sage. (I love Georgie so much its the nn I call my BF and his name is yeah, both beautiful names for sure!...I second the suggestion if you dont have a special middlename to go with Georgia Sage!.....That is stunning!...Good luck....

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