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    It is 1870. You are a little Norwegian immigrant girl living with your parents, uncle, and 9 younger siblings in a dirty cramped tenement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Life is miserable and frightening in the slums with so much death and disease running rampant. But you try your best to keep out of trouble hoping one day to leave the slum and become a nurse.

    What is your name? Nellie Aida Abramsen
    How old are you? 12

    What are your parents names? Arnvor Hans and Audrid Salveig Abramsen

    What is your uncle's name? Charles Asa Abramsen "Charlie"

    Because the adults work so much, your siblings are your best friends. They encourage you and entertain you and you love them dearly. What are their names?
    DS: Franklin Ralph {10}
    DD/DD: Anna Mary / Mabel Margaret {9}
    DS: Willie Oscar {8}
    DD: Emma Grace {7}
    DD: Sarah Louise {6}
    DS/DD/DD: Henry Chester / Lucy Catherine / Alice Cora {5}

    You also have a best friend from the Five Points District. His name is Isaiah Stromburg. He is a slick little pickpocket who, as far as you know, has been an orphan his whole life. You met him after he saved you from a guy who tried to rob you and you've been pals ever since.

    You, Isaiah, and Franklin make the best of life in the slums by doing tricks in the streets for pennies and exploring the streets of New York in your spare time. You are happy to have such a large, loving family and the freedom to do as you please. But then, tragedy strikes....There is a cholera epidemic. It kills your mother and Alice.

    Because of the epidemic, your life is turned upside down. It is now impossible for your father and Uncle Charlie to feed and clothe you and your siblings on an immigrants wages. You decide it would be best if you, as the oldest, try to make your own way in the world. So at the age of 15 you and Franklin leave your family behind and join Isaiah on the streets of New York as a pickpocket.

    It is now 1875. You are 20 and in those five years since you left your parents house you have become one of the most notorious grifters in the five boroughs and have been given the nickname Quick. You and Isaiah are still mates but the years have made you cunning and emotionally detached. You prefer to work alone.

    You have become quite skilled at your craft. But occasionally you slip. One day while lurking on the Upper East Side you spot a handsome, wealthy young man carrying a gold wristwatch, a prime target. You bump into him and manage to steal it, but moments later he notices its absence and chases you down. You can't run fast enough in your long dress and he catches you. But once he realizes how young and impoverished you are, he lets you go.

    He introduces himself as Timothy Bryant Cooper and asks to buy you supper.

    He's 24.

    Timothy becomes very fond of you. He buys you pretty things and pays for a hotel room for you to stay in. He falls madly in love with you. You aren't quite as in love with him but you like his company and his money so you accept all his romantic advances. After only 8 months of his attentions you find yourself pregnant. You do not want a baby, but Timothy convinces you to have it anyways. It's a girl and you name her Anna Mabel, after your closest sisters.

    6 months after the baby is born and you are completely smitten with Anna. So is Timothy. He wants to be a family so he proposes to you.

    If you say no then you tell him you must think about it and in the middle of the night you take your child and flee the hotel, returning to the Lower East Side. You spend 5 days scrounging on the streets until you run in to your old friend Isaiah, much older and much more handsome. He sees how alone and desperate you are with a child to care for and takes you back to his apartment in the Five Points. You jump back into to your old pickpocketing ways, only this time with Isaiah at your side. You two become really close again and he is completely taken with your child, Anna.

    After only 8 months of being reunited you find yourself falling for him, and he for you. You get married, he adopts your child and you live out your lives in the Lower East Side as crime bosses. Together, we have six more births! The first a girl we name Ruby Stella, followed by a boy named Silas Lane. After that, another girl named Arabella Kate, then our first set of twins, Theodore Cavan and Madeline Clara. Then, we have a son named Josiah Stephen and then another named Levi Isaiah after his father. Now you have 8 kids, four boys four girls.
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