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    It is now 1875. You are 19 and in those five years since you left your parents house you have become one of the most notorious grifters in the five boroughs and have been given the nickname Fox. You and Charlie are still mates but the years have made you cunning and emotionally detached. You prefer to work alone.

    You have become quite skilled at your craft. But occasionally you slip. One day while lurking on the Upper East Side you spot a handsome, wealthy young man carrying a gold watch, a prime target. You bump into him and manage to steal it, but moments later he notices its absence and chase's you down. You can't run fast enough in your long dress and he catches you. But once he realizes how young and impoverished you are, he lets you go.

    He introduces himself to you and asks to buy you supper.

    What's his name?: Nicholas Sawyer Tully
    How old is he?: 24
    What does he look like?: Blonde, with blue eyes. Slender and tall.

    Nicholas becomes very fond of you. He buys you pretty things and pays for a hotel room for you to stay in. He falls madly in love with you. You aren't quite as in love with him but you like his company and his money so you accept all his romantic advances. After only 7 months of his attentions you find yourself pregnant. You do not want a baby, but Nicholas convinces you to have it anyways.

    What do you have?: A girl

    What is the child's name?: Ada Marie

    7 months after the baby is born and you are completely smitten with Ada. So is Nicholas. He wants to be a family so he proposes to you.

    Do you accept?: Yes

    If yes, then you are married 5 months later and officially become Mrs. Nicholas Tully. You are forced to quit your life or crime and move into a lovely Park Avenue Mansion. Over the years you have more children together.

    How many more pregnancies do you have?: 4

    You live out the rest of your years a wealthy married women and are quite content. List your whole family with names, ages, descriptions or photographs if you like.


    Ada Marie Tully
    Judah Nicholas Tully
    Phineas George Tully
    Jasper Robin Tully

    All live long lives

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