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    Mummy to my little Egyptian Sun God RA (9/1/10)
    & Girlfriend to his Red Devil Daddy Steve (Since 26/4/08)

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    I went up to 10. Got a little tricky near the end. I also included nicknames for names longer then 8 letters. And sorry in advance if I messed up the number of letters for a name. It's getting late and I'm getting tired.
    3: Eli, Sam, Max, Amy, Fay and Eva
    4: Liam, Noah, Mike, Abby, Alex, Emma, Bella and Lily
    5: Asher, Norah, Claire, Colin, Lucas, Miles, Julie, Owen, Fiona and Daisy
    6: Lionel, Jasper, Violet, Amelia, Eloise, Phoebe, Archer, Dexter, Emmett, Holden, Evelyn and Joanne
    7: Abraham, Keturah, Tabitha, Ezekiel, Rebekah, Solomon, Magdala, Malachi, Jemimah, Galilee, Gideon, Obadiah, Lazarus and Jerusha

    8: Benjamin, Theodore, Vivianne, Eleanore, Felicity, Jonathan, Adalaide, Nicholas, Margaret, Caroline, Susannah, Beatrice, Frederick, Augustus, Jeremiah and Ebenezer
    Nicknames: Benji, Theo, Vivi, Ellie, Felicity, Jon, Addy, Nick, Maisie, Carrie, Susie, Bea, Freddy, Gus, Jer and Eben

    9: Josephine, Sebastian, Elizabeth, Alexander, Nathaniel, Katherine, Archibald, Charlotte, Georgiana, Henrietta, Christian, Jefferson, Zachariah, Cassandra, Theodosia, Johnathan, Gabriella and Cornelius
    Nicknames: Josie, Seb, Libby, Alec, Nat, Kitty, Archie, Lottie, Georgie, Henny, Chris, Jeff, Zack, Cassie, Thea, Jack, Gabby and Neil

    10: Constanine, Willoughby, Alexandria, Heathcliff, Margaretta, Evangeline, Cassiopeia, Persephone, Maximilian, Antionette, Bernadette, Christopher, Clementine, Jacquelynn, Washington, Wilhelmina, Rutherford, Montgomery, Cornelious and Brodderick
    Nicknames: Connie, Will, Alex, Cliff, Gretta, Evie, Cassie, Seffie, Max, Annie, Bernie, Kit, Clem, Jackie, Washington, Minnie, Ford, Monty, Neil and Brody
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    While waiting for a train at 4 am this morning I came up with this game, mostly to keep myself awake... Not sure if it's been done here before but I thought I'd post it anyway.
    First, name a sibset of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls: 3 letters in each name.
    Next, 8 kids: 4 girls and 4 boys, with 4 letters in each name.
    You see where this is going. I also did the set for a family of 10, 12 and 14, I saved them all in my phone so here they are :P

    3: Ava, Zoe, Ann, Ted ,Leo, Dan
    4: Lucy, Kate, Leah, Lacy, Noah, Liam, Ryan, Dean
    5: Amber, Emily, Katie, Paige, Aspen, Dylan, Chase, Logan, Isaac, Mason
    6: Rachel, Aubrey, Easton, Adalia, Sophia, Taylor, Carter, Landon, Samuel, Waylon, Weston, Paxton
    7: Britton, Katelyn, Braelyn, Kinsley,Chelsea, Kennedy, Bristol, Braxton, Preston, Greyson, Tristan, Michael, Zachary, Matthew
    One princess named Courtney Ann.

    Boys; Landon, Bentley, Logan, Isaac, Carson
    Girl; Kennedy, London, Emmalyn, Penelope, Natalie, Sadie, Grayson, Kiley

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