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    A game based off of the movie 'Yours, Mine, and Ours'! Give your kids names, descriptions, and personalities!

    After the death of your husband, you devote your life to your 10 kids. You've encouraged art and freedom of expression in your children's lives, and as a designer, you couldn't imagine life without a splash of color. When reuniting with your high school sweetheart, you two instantly reconnect. He is a coast guard admiral, and widowed himself, and has 8 kids of his own. You two marry in a private ceremony, and your two large families are now blended into one.

    Your name: Avery Grace Horan-O'Shea
    DH Name: Niall James Horan

    Your kids:
    Girl: Jocelyn Rachelle O'Shea
    Boy: Liam Allen O'Shea
    Boy: Wyatt Ollivander O'Shea
    Girl: Ariana Rose O'Shea
    Girl: Eleanor Johanna O'Shea
    Boy: Gareth Alexander O'Shea
    Boy: Auden Elias O'Shea
    Twin Girls: Eliana Briar O'Shea and Carolina Violet O'Shea
    Boy: Ellis Storm O'Shea

    His kids:
    Boy: Aiden Oliver Horan
    Girl: Astoria Satine Horan
    Boy: Ethan Maverick Horan
    Girl: Thea Cheyenne Horan
    Boy: Cato Jeremiah Horan
    Twin Boys: Declan Elijah Horan and Lachlan Evander Hoarn
    Boy: Lucian James Horan

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    Your name: Adele Corinne *Whitten* Roberts "Adie"
    DH Name: Davis Alexander Roberts

    Your kids:
    Girl: Caroline Adele Whitten
    Boy: Andrew Thomas Whitten, Jr. "AJ"
    Boy: William Michael Whitten "Liam"
    Girl: Amelia Charlotte Whitten
    Girl: Lucy Corinne Whitten
    Boy: Jacob Lee Whitten "Jack"
    Boy: Samuel Robert Whitten "Sam"
    Twin Girls: Elizabeth Claire Whitten/Ellianna Grace Whitten "Lizzie & Ellie"
    Boy: Parker James Whitten

    His kids:
    Boy: Kenton Davis Roberts "Kent"
    Girl: Alayna Marie Roberts
    Boy: Joseph Alexander Roberts "Joey"
    Girl: Kendall Elaine Roberts
    Boy: Miles Patrick Roberts
    Twin Boys: Emmett James Roberts/Everett Jayce Roberts
    Boy: Logan Charles Roberts

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    Your name: Mila Presley
    DH Name: Kai Ryder

    Your kids:
    Girl: Sutton Emerie
    Boy: Hudson Kade
    Boy: Cole Alexander
    Girl: Skylynn James
    Girl: Sawyer Reese
    Boy: Holden Jude
    Boy: Camden Tate
    Twin Girls: Saige Makiya & Stella Mykelti
    Boy: Carsen Bryce

    His kids:
    Boy: Leyton Royce
    Girl: Mercer Grace
    Boy: Baylor Kayse
    Girl: Kaliana Avery
    Boy: Levi Cruz
    Twin Boys: Jett Hunter & Jaxx Lucian
    Boy: Jaeger Jospeh

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    Your Name: Mary Delilah
    DH Name: John Israel "Jack"

    Your kids:
    Girl: Anna Josephine "Annie"
    Boy: James Maxwell "Jamie"
    Boy: Peter Benjamin "Pete"
    Girl: Claire Genevieve
    Girl: Lila Guinevere
    Boy: Charles Richard "Charlie"
    Boy: Thomas Nicholas "Tommy"
    Twin Girls: Naomi Grace & Eve Lillith
    Boy: Alexander Daniel "Alec"

    His kids:
    Boy: Zachary Clint "Zach"
    Girl: Odessa Rose "Dessa"
    Boy: Dexter Matthew "Dex"
    Girl: Avery Violet
    Boy: Everett Riley
    Twin Boys: Quentin Mark & Miles Owen
    Boy: Caleb Lucas
    Mommy to my sweet Alice Caroline 2016
    Expecting #2 May 2018

    Clara ~ Mary ~ Matilda ~ Vivian ~ Jane ~ Ruby
    Honor Middles: Linda, Audrey, Elizabeth, Michelle

    Oliver ~ Thomas ~ Peter ~ John ~ Henry ~ Joseph
    Honor Middles: Daniel, Frederik, Allen, Vance

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    Cameron Alexander // Leo Dale // Ashton Reid


    Mckenna Skye // Lakelyn Elena // Shelby Claire

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