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    Apr 2012
    Your name: Miranda Jane
    DH Name: Tyler Caleb

    Your kids-
    Girl: Aria Cecily
    Boy: Solomon Kane
    Boy: Zander Liam
    Girl: Daphne India
    Girl: Piper Avery
    Boy: Tobias Wren
    Boy: Wesley Grey
    Twin Girls: Emilia Ivy & Natalya Quinn
    Boy: Julien Oliver

    His kids:
    Boy: Vincent Ross
    Girl: Hanna Phoenix
    Boy: Ezra Brady
    Girl: Rosalie Maya
    Boy: Carter Finn
    Twin Boys: Beckett Clark & Elias Kent
    Boy: Keegan Tyler
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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    Apr 2012
    Your name: Paige Michelle
    DH Name: Brent Everett

    ~Your kids:
    Girl: Gaia Rayne
    Boy: Keegan Niall
    Boy: Sawyer Lucas
    Girl: Hayden Nichole
    Girl: Raydin Alivia
    Boy: Zavior James
    Boy: Maverick William
    Twin Girls: Teagyn Mackenzie, Troyann Makayla
    Boy: Thayer Austin

    ~His kids:
    Boy: Will Joseph
    Girl: Annastyn "Anna" Grace
    Boy: Izaac Gregory
    Girl: Maysin Holly
    Boy: Zane Spencer
    Twin Boys: Chandler, Coen
    Boy: Vance Christian
    Name Addict

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    Nov 2012
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Your name: Katharine Agnes
    DH Name: Patrick Joseph

    Your kids
    Girl: Anna Elizabeth
    Boy: James Louis
    Boy: Charles Joseph
    Girl: Rosalind Margaret
    Girl: Eleanor Patricia
    Boy: David Andrew
    Boy: Nicholas Emmanuel
    Twin Girls: Charlotte Marina and Josephine Therese
    Boy: Frederick Gabriel

    His kids
    Boy: Atticus Patrick
    Girl: Beatrix Pomeline
    Boy: Hugo Fyodor
    Girl: Siobhan Zenobia
    Boy: Felix Alexander
    Twin Boys: Fynn Vasili and Akiva William
    Boy: Asa Joseph
    Zelia • 20s • Exporting names from Greenland & Inuit mythology
    Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Henry Ásgeirr Saxo • Asa Bjørnstjerne Ivik • Nor Valdemar Cosimo • Dante Endymion Sejr

    Vilde Ivalo Zenobia • Asta Cosima Gro • Léa Ingrid Cleopatra • Aviaaja Oona Lúthien "Avi" • Noor Galadriel Nanna

    And currently loving: Bertil, Folke, Julian, Pemba, Ville, Johanna, Karen, Madicken, Magda, Maru

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    Dec 2009
    After the death of your husband, you devote your life to your 10 kids. You've encouraged art and freedom of expression in your children's lives, and as a designer, you couldn't imagine life without a splash of color. When reuniting with your high school sweetheart, you two instantly reconnect. He is a coast guard admiral, and widowed himself, and has 8 kids of his own. You two marry in a private ceremony, and your two large families are now blended into one.

    Your name: Chelsea Danielle Ryan (41)
    1st Husband: Christopher Nicolas Lilly (age at death 45)
    DH Name: Andrew Isaac Ryan (42)
    1st Wife: Paige Anne Ryan (age at death 42)

    Your kids:
    Girl: Brielle Scarlett Lilly (17)
    Boy: Connor Oliver Lilly (16)
    Boy: Riley Elias Lilly (14)
    Girl: Teagan Stella Lilly (11)
    Girl: Callie Georgia Lilly (10)
    Boy: Finley Jasper Lilly(8)
    Boy: Declan Forrest Lilly (7)
    Twin Girls: Aislin Juliet and Ailey Violet Lilly (5)
    Boy: Keegan Gabriel Lilly (3)

    His kids:
    Boy: Tyler Charles Ryan (16)
    Girl: Hannah Marie Ryan (15)
    Boy: Ethan William Ryan (13)
    Girl: Lauryn Elizabeth Ryan (11)
    Boy: Austin Nathaniel Ryan (8)
    Twin Boys: Noah Matthew and Owen Michael Ryan (6)
    Boy: Gavin Jonathan Ryan (3)

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    Jul 2012
    Your name: Everleigh Anne
    DH Name: Franklin Gabriel

    Your kids:
    Girl: Shiloh Blue
    Boy: Wyatt Arthur
    Boy: Tristan Franklin
    Girl: Summer Rose
    Girl: Savannah Eden
    Boy: Jesse Edward
    Boy: Brody Ryan
    Twin Girls: Erin Juliette and Charlotte May (Charlie)
    Boy: Jayden William (Jay)

    His kids:
    Boy: Bentley James (Ben)
    Girl: Madeline Nicole (Maddie)
    Boy: Harrison Lyle (Harry)
    Girl: Tayla Rebecca
    Boy: Finn Dakota
    Twin Boys: Jacob Michael (Jack) and Jared Milo
    Boy: Kai Alexander
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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