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    Lethbridge, Alberta
    Your name: Grace Aurora Pelletier
    DH Name: River Ash Hallows

    Your kids:
    Girl: Magdalene Ivy
    Boy: Gideon Bowie
    Boy: Everett Archer
    Girl: Elena Juliana
    Girl: Eloise Mae
    Boy: Dante Sebastian
    Boy: Quinn Gabriel
    Twin Girls: Isadora Belle and Amelia Clarice
    Boy: Eoin Carlyle

    His kids:
    Boy: Reuben James
    Girl: Lilly Tiana
    Boy: Hugo Bentley
    Girl: Harlow Anastasia
    Boy: Roland Oz
    Twin Boys: Jack Rhys and Sawyer Charlie
    Boy: Magnus Gray

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    Your name: Emily Rayne
    DH Name: Drew James

    Your kids:
    Girl: Rhiannon Marley
    Boy: Crosby Lennon
    Boy: Henley Jackson
    Girl: Virginia Presley
    Girl: Lorelei Holly
    Boy: Jett Jagger
    Boy: Mac Prince
    Twin Girls: Iris Santana and Sadie Nirvana
    Boy: Nash Bowie

    His kids:
    Boy: Brom Chandler
    Girl: Ariadne Harper
    Boy: Sebastian Cain
    Girl: Fleur Hadley
    Boy: Macon Cooper
    Twin Boys: Tristan Carver and Rhett Carson
    Boy: Cato Crane
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    United States
    Your name: Amelia Colette Johnston
    DH Name: James Andrew Graham

    Your kids:
    Girl: Abigail Renee "Abby"
    Boy: Noah Finnigan
    Boy: Lucas Reese "Luke"
    Girl: Emily Natasha
    Girl: Felicity Jane
    Boy: Declan George
    Boy: Griffin David "Griff"
    Twin Girls: Mia Noelle and Ivy Grace
    Boy: Colton Josiah "Colt"

    His kids:
    Boy: Hollis James
    Girl: Kaitlyn Marie
    Boy: Thatcher Paul
    Girl: Kennedy Elizabeth
    Boy: Greyson Andrew
    Twin Boys: Rhett Nathaniel and Ryker Thomas
    Boy: Cayson Blake

    Together we have:
    Hollis, Abby, Katie, Noah, Luke, Thatcher, Kennedy, Emily, Felicity, Greyson, Declan, Griffin, Rhett, Ryker, Mia, Ivy, Colt, and Cayson.

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    After the death of your husband, you devote your life to your 10 kids. You've encouraged art and freedom of expression in your children's lives, and as a designer, you couldn't imagine life without a splash of color. When reuniting with your high school sweetheart, you two instantly reconnect. He is a coast guard admiral, and widowed himself, and has 8 kids of his own. You two marry in a private ceremony, and your two large families are now blended into one.

    Your name:Jennifer Rae Michaels
    DH Name: Joshua James Brown

    Your kids:
    Girl: Rachel Marie
    Boy: Lawrence Andrew
    Boy: Carter Evan
    Girl: Lillian Grace "Lily"
    Girl: Nicole Quinn "Nikki"
    Boy: Jackson Reese "Jack"
    Boy:Oliver David
    Twin Girls: Amelia Anne & Bailey Brooke
    Boy: Jason Ryan

    His kids:
    Boy: Anthony Michael "Tony"
    Girl: Michelle Arabella
    Boy: Frederick Wess "Wess"
    Girl: Tonya Alexandra
    Boy: Seth Wilson
    Twin Boys: Aaron Vincent & Jacob Paul
    Boy: Connor Lars

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