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    elaine and faye as one name?

    Would like to put my mother in laws and mothers name into one for a middle. Not sure how this would work or if at all. Something like faileen? Any suggestions or other ideas on how to honour both? Thanks all

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    Faileen wouldn't exactly be my pick.. what about Flavia? Or Favia? I was think Fa as in Faye , and F for Flavia, and Elaine & Flavia are similar to me..
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    Unfortunately I think Faileen, Faelaine, etc sounds too much like feline, what about Elaine Faye? or Elaina Faye for better flow?
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    While it does sound like feline, that's not the worst thing and we are talking about the middle spot.

    I would just avoid a spelling that includes the letter sequence "fail". And putting the stress on the second syllable, like Faline, and like Elaine, keeps it from sounding too much like "failing."

    I also think Elaine-Faye is fine, complicated but fine. Similarly for Elaine Faye, Faye-Elaine, Faye Elaine. You could chain them together Fayelaine. It's not the easiest on the eyes but it has good meaning and is in the middle.

    Flaine for a one syllable?

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    Faina? It's hard to combine them. I think using a double middle name is a good idea. I think Faye Elaine as a double middle name is fine depending on what first name you want. I think you could use similar names too, like Ella Faye, Elaina Faith, Ella Faith.

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