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    What do you think?

    What do you all think of name combinations that are very different style?

    Like a modern name with a traditional middle, like Rykerleigh Jane or Trapper William?

    Or a unisex first with a heavily gendered middle, like Hunter Arabella or Riley John?

    On one hand a middle name can be used to balance a first out, but could some combos be deemed "too different".

    I personally wouldn't choose a combo that is wildly different, but I don't hate the idea. I would love to hear your thoughts!
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    I don't think it is a bad idea, not my favorite but if it is a good combination it won't bother me.
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    I like the idea. I think they usually sound balanced, and leave the kid a lot of options (a tomboy could be Hunter while a girlier girl could go by Arabella, or Trapper William can be Trap to his friends but put T. William Lastname on his business cards.)

    I think, when using a first name that is extreme in some way, it's good to have an opposite-style middle name as a backup. Of course, I say that, but my own combos are pretty squarely in the camp of Double Weird Names. Who knows, maybe I'll decide to go safer if/when I'm naming a real kid.
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    I think a more common middle name can balance out an unusual first name. Wolfgang Anthony seems more usable to me than Wolfgang Endymion.

    With a combination like Madisyn Mary or Kayden John, where one name is very modern and the other is super-traditional, I'd probably think the first names reflect the parents' style while the middle names honour family members.

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