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Thread: Name options

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    Name options


    I'm due in March and we don't know if we are having a girl or boy yet.

    For a boy we are thinking:

    Max Frederick McCallion or
    Max Carter McCallion

    For a girl we are trying to decide between:

    Stella Jean (or Jeanne) McCallion
    Camille Rose McCallion
    Maisie Jean McCallion
    Marni Jean McCallion
    Coco Belle McCallion
    Audrey Jean McCallion


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    Max Carter and Camille Rose are my favorites.
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    For boys, I like Max Frederick. Max Carter is nice too, but that's a lot of MCs!

    For girls:

    Stella Jean (or Jeanne) McCallion – probably my favorite. Prefer Jean spelling with Stella. Sharp, feminine.
    Camille Rose McCallion – elegant, softer than Stella Jean. Not as easy to say with your last name.
    Maisie Jean McCallion – love the vintage feel. Sunny, cheery, perhaps a teensy bit country (if that bothers you).
    Marni Jean McCallion – less rosy than Maisie Jean, but still sweetly vintage.
    Coco Belle McCallion – love the idea, but prefer Coco as a nickname. The -elle middle name reminds me of Coco Chanel.
    Audrey Jean McCallion – don't love the dr/j sounds going on in the middle.

    My favorites are Stella, Maisie, Marni and Camille (probably in that order).

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    I prefer Max Frederick for the boy name and for the girls my choices would be Camille, Marni or Maisie. I know lots of new babies named Stella and Audrey and I tend to stay away from the names everybody else has.

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