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    Pet Names A-Z (m&f)

    Which of my pet names do you like best and for what animal?
    What are some of your favorite pet names?
    Feel free to takes the challenge of an alphabetical list its pretty tough!

    A: Anarchy
    B: Brutus (it was the name of a neighbor's German Shepard) or Bacchus
    C: Coyote
    D: Duncan (former pet fish)
    E: Eli (German Shepard I had as a child)
    F: Fargo
    G: Grim
    H: Hypnos or Hyde
    I: Icarus (for a bird maybe?)
    J: Jin or Jester
    K: Kite
    L: Loki
    M: Maksym
    N: Nougat
    O: Oliver
    P: Poppet
    Q: Quixote
    R: Remy
    S: Sasha
    T: Theo or Tennyson
    U: Uno
    V: Vagabound
    W: Winston
    X: Xerxes
    Y: Yuki
    Z: Zero

    A: Ayla (Chihuahua I had as a kid)
    B: Belladonna
    C: Coquette
    D: Doll
    E: Echo
    F: Freya
    G: Gidget
    H: Hana or Halcyone
    I: Izzy Pop
    J: Jezebel
    K: Koko
    L: Lily
    M: Mollie or Moxie
    N: Nyx
    O: Oreo
    P: Psyche
    Q: Quorra (Cora) this one was hard!
    R: Roxie (I struggled with R for some reason)
    S: Silke, Slyph, Sake maybe running out of steam lol
    T: Tempest or Trinket
    U: Ume
    V: Vixen
    W: Willow
    X: Xylie
    Y: Yui
    Z: Zola
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