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    Need ideas for 2nd girl, sister to Gracie Reid?

    My husband and I cannot agree on name for a second daughter. I would say we both like classic names but he likes more familiar ones, he says my favorite Gemma sounds made up (what does he know). He likes Allison, I don't dislike that name but its just not one that I love for us. I am also worried that if we have this much trouble with just a first name what are we going to do about finding a middle name too! Any thoughts?

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    I think Willa would be really cute with Gracie! Other names that come to mind are Kate, Ruth, and Ruby. I think middle names won't be as hard once you've got some first names you can agree on. The middle isn't used all the time, so it's not as essential that you both love it.

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    We also looked for classic yet familiar names. Here are some from our list. Hope they're helpful!

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    I don't know why but Georgia just popped into my head.. or maybe stick with virtue names? Hope, Felicity, Charity, Faith.. I have a friend who did that, it was super cute.

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