View Poll Results: Which one do you like more with Alice and Lucy?

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  • Margaret Daphne

    26 33.33%
  • Daphne Margaret

    16 20.51%
  • Laurel Margaret

    8 10.26%
  • Stella Annalise

    28 35.90%
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    The Actual Final Names (A Sister

    It was clear in my last poll that Margaret Daphne was the winner. And don't get me wrong, I love that name, but I really started loving Laurel or Daphne, since a dear cousin's name is Laura and honoring her would be a goal. And then I stumbled across Stella! Which I really love because it has the l and s sound that Alice and Lucy have. Vote please!
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    I love Margaret Daphne myself. It's a beautiful name.

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    I voted Stella, but really don't think you can go wrong! Daphne is a bit more spunky and modern sounding than your other girls, and Laurel and Lucy is too L heavy for me. Stella is slightly more exciting to me than Margaret, plus it's length fits best with Alice and Lucy, but honestly they're all gorgeous names.
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    Stella Annalise for my vote but Laurel Margret is a close second

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    With Alice and Lucille, I would pick Daphne. Not Laurel because of the L's and Stella is more "current" than Alice and Lucy.

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