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    Lightbulb Thoughts on Luana?

    I just came across the name Luana (like Disney's Moana but with an L (lou-an-ah)) and I really like it. I've liked the name Leona for a while name and for a period of time I liked Luna, does the name sound like a "try hard" of Luna?
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    I dont think it spunds like its trying to be Luna. I personally prefer Luna over Luana for its sound and imagery but Luana is pretty as well. I like that its easy to pronounce in many languages. Lu is a sweet nickname. I like its meaning in Hawaiian (happy) and its meaning in German (battle maiden). I know
    a hula performer in her 40s with this name and she is lovely and bright just like her name. Luana is pretty and i dont associate it with Luna at all!
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    Luana sounds like a made up variation of Luna/Lana.

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    I think it's gorgeous and wouldn't think of Luna unless prompted.

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    Nms, but I objectively do think it's a nice name and no, not a try hard version of Luna. These two names are completely unrelated in my head.
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