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Thread: Willa?

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    How does everyone feel about Willa? DH suggested it for #2 and it would be a way to honor his late grandfather who was a William. I like it but don't know if I love it, or if it goes well with Eloise.

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    I really like Willa and think it goes great with Eloise. They're both homespun, prairie girl names--both strong and flowery at the same time. While they share the 'el/il' sound in both names, their later vowel sounds are different so I don't think they sound matchy.

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    I really like Willa. It's been creeping up my long list for quite a while. She's got class, but also a good dash of zestiness which I always love in a name. She's neither dated, nor trendy, but would fit alongside all names in those categories really well. Willa certainly works with Eloise in my book - there is a repeated WEE/WIH type sound in both, but they're different enough otherwise to hold their own.

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    I love the pairing of Eloise with Willa, I personally have a cousin with the mn Willa and I think it's a gorgeous contrast of feminine and masculine.

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    Eloise and Willa make a fabulous sibling set. I adore Willa, it's on my short list.

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