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    I like Ivy Luna, and think its the best match with your girls, but would actually prefer Ivy Lark. So pretty, but the 'k' ending sounds too harsh with our surname, such a shame

    I really like Willa as well, but Bleu does nothing for me. Bleu or Blue has always been a favourite MN choice of mine, but the Beyonce assocation is quite strong now which is turning me off it.

    FWIW your girls have wonderful names, I love that you used Blossom. Oh thanks! (and it was pre Jamie Oliver's Petal Blossom too )

    What about
    Zinnia Pearl LOVE that
    Cora Bliss Pretty
    Nora LilacAwww
    Iris Mae LOVE. My nanna's name was Iris, which is a beautiful family connection. My Lila Mary is named after my favourite Aunts, Lila and Marianne
    Celia Opal
    Celia would not fly with DH hehe

    Thanks all. I love the suggestions of Iris, Zinnia.
    I just thought of some other names I love too; Etta and Nell.
    Oh, the possibilities!

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