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    Maybe a 4th girl!

    I have 3 little girls and am expecting a 4th baby, we won't find out the gender but may well be naming a 4th girl!

    I love Ivy Luna
    Willa Bleu
    Mila (MN?)
    Harlow (MN?)

    Our big girls names are:
    Halle Blossom
    Edie Zala
    Lila Mary

    So...I think Mila has to be out because of the similarity to Lila, pronounced differently but only one letter different.
    Lila (pron. Ly-lah)
    Mila (pron Mee-lah)
    Also Harlow seems too similar to Halle.

    WDYT of my 4th girl names?
    Any other suggestions or alternate middle names?

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    I really love Willa, but with your sibset, I think Ivy Luna sounds the best.

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    I like Ivy. That seems to go best with the other 3 girls .

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    I like Ivy Luna, and think its the best match with your girls, but would actually prefer Ivy Lark.

    I really like Willa as well, but Bleu does nothing for me.

    FWIW your girls have wonderful names, I love that you used Blossom.

    What about
    Zinnia Pearl
    Cora Bliss
    Nora Lilac
    Iris Mae
    Celia Opal
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    Quote Originally Posted by emelis View Post
    I really like Willa as well, but Bleu does nothing for me.
    How about Willa Mae?
    or Ivy Harlow?
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