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    I agree with both of those names, flick. Emerson and Avery are both boys names in my eyes too. But names like Madison and Kennedy, I can't see as a boys name. The others could go wither way. I think they are attractive for both boy or girl.

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    I knew a family with a Reagan, Jackson, and Kennedy. Oh and they were considering Lincoln for a fourth
    Some of my evolving favorites:

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    My name is Lincoln and my brother would have been Kennedy if he was a girl! But the weird thing is that I was born on the same day Abe Lincoln died, and he was born on the same day JFK died! I just think that's so cool. lol

    But I do agree that your theme is cute. Love Monroe on a girl!

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    I don't like Presidential names in general but I do really like some. I really, really like Kennedy, Reagan, and Taylor but only on girls. I know Taylor equally goes both ways but I prefer it on a girl. I couldn't see Madison on a boy at all especially since it's such a popular girls name. Girls are versatile and can pull off names like Kennedy and Reagan, but boys aren't(IMO). Even if it was a boys name first.

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