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    My new favorite sib set theme!!

    Recently, I've been in love with Presidential names for girls! I though these names would be awesome sib sets for multiple girls:


    and these would work as well:
    Quincy (John Quincy Adams)

    you could even pair them with the following boys oresidential names:

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    I love presidential names! I'm not sure I would do a theme, but I really love Truman, Monroe, Lincoln, Reagan, Kennedy, Madison, etc.--all for boys, though.
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    I really, intensely dislike it. I find things like Monroe, Reagan, Kennedy, Madison, or Taylor....all really, really unattractive for girls.

    It feels so masculine and such a weird thing to do unless your, like, a political sciences major or something.

    Save it for the boys if you really like it. I don't care for themes anyway.

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    I don't think I'd give my kids names a theme, but I think Reagan, Kennedy, and Madison go great together. They are my favorites for girls. I do agree, most of these names could go either way, but I feel like some of these names have gone so far to the girls side that it would just be weird for them to be boys names.

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    I have Emerson and Avery near the top of my boys lists. They have "gone girl" but since they are still masculine names, I don't feel bad - I find them handsome. I rollmy eyes whenever I see them on a girl, I'm so over the masculine names for girls trend.

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