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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    Hi all,

    So I am new to the site and expecting a daughter on Halloween. When it comes to naming my spouse and I are on different pages. I like names that are unique and classic all at the same time, Margaux, Marlow, Juliette, Cecilia, Colette, etc. It should also transition from youth to adulthood well... My very Italian husband likes names like, Francesca, Seraphina, etc. We are having a very hard time coming to some sort of agreement... Right now we have been tossing the name Livia around but I fear it is too close to the popular Olivia. Any suggestions would be helpful at this point... Last name is Maugeri (hard g, hard e)...

    (side note: should flow with sibling name Luca).

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    Perhaps a middle ground:

    All of which are Italian, but have a bit of that unique classic feel, imo.
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    I wouldn't use Margeux or Marlowe with your surname, although they are both great names. Cecilia is lovely and like Francesca too. Nicknames could be Frankie or Chess (so cute!).
    @East93's suggestion of Elena is just gorgeous and goes very nicely with your son's name... Luca & Elena.x

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    What about Lisette, Lucille, Eloise, Anastasia?

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    I just had to laugh at your list, since it's almost identical to mine. (Margot, Cecelia, Colette, and Marlowe were all names I suggested at some point...clearly I like your taste. (And unfortunately Margot is the only one of those options my husband didn't veto.)

    I think Cecelia is a great choice. I think it's adorable, love that she could be CeCe or Celia if she wanted, and it has that feminine -a- ending your husband seems to prefer. Some others I like, that may work for you:
    Solenne (this one's kind of a wild card, I admit)
    I also really like the suggestion of Elena

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