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    How would you pronounce Lucia?

    I have seen Loo-CHEE-uh and Loo-sha used before but recently I met a little girl and she said her name as Loo-see-uh. I am a little intrigued by this pronunciation and I think it makes the name very soft. What pronunciations have you heard? How would you pronounce it? Do you think Loo-see-uh could be a legitimate pronunciation?

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    I Say Loo-CHEE-uh.
    I have heard Loo-see-uh before, I think I consider it plenty legitimate. I've actually never met a person with this name who says Loo-sha though, just the place name.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love it! I say Loo-shah.
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    The Spanish-background people I know say loo-see-uh, loo-chee-uh is Italian Both are legitimate, I don't diss either, but I love the Spanish pronunciation more, for its softness.

    Occasionally in Australia (which has more Italian-speaking people than Spanish-speaking people) I've heard loo-see-uh dissed as "wrong" but it's not really - unless the particular Lucia doesn't like that, of course. In the US East Coast city I was from I think loo-see-uh was more popular, overall.

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    The lovely Lucia can be pronounced in all three ways - "loo-CHEE-uh" is Italian, "loo-SEE-uh" is Spanish and "loo-shuh" like the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. I prefer the place name pronunciation and then the Italian. Depends on what sounds best to your ear!
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