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    What do you think of Emery?

    My favorite girl name has long been Emma but I'm concerned about its overpopularity. Then I thought of Emery. I don't usually like unisex names but it's a family name on DH's side (and his Dad's middle name) and it has a similar sound to Emma. Although sometimes I wonder if it sounds like a mispronounced Emily.

    Speaking of which, how would you pronounce it? Emry? Em-OR-y?

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    I like it - but I like it most on a boy pronounced em-OR-y ... like the university.

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    I like it! If it's spelled Emery, I tend to say Em-ry. If its spelled Emory, I might be more inclined to sound the whole thing out.

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    I love it. We just named our baby girl Emery Kate. We pronounce it Em-ry. We sometimes call her Emmy as a nn. Emma is very popular here too and we wanted something not as common.

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