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Thread: Elin vs Isla???

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    Elin vs Isla???

    Just wondering everyone's thoughts on Elin vs Isla? Elin (Elinn, Elynne) pronounced Ee-lin is one I just stumbled on and I love it. Me and DH also love Isla...Any thoughts???

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    Re: Elin vs Isla???

    I much prefer Elin! Great name

    Isla seems like it would be mispronounced often. However, it is getting more popular - so that may not be a problem.

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    Re: Elin vs Isla???

    Elin! Love it. I love that simple spelling too. Somehow it seems like an entirely different name than Ellen. Never loved Isla. I think it's a passing trend.

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    Re: Elin vs Isla???

    As in Tiger Wood's ex?

    I prefer Elin over Isla.
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    Re: Elin vs Isla???

    I do like Isla but it's become so popular where I'm from so I prefer Elin. But Tiger Woods' ex wife is the first thing that springs to mind!

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