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    If wanting short and simple I like
    Sophia Rain
    Sophia Claire
    Sophia Jewel
    Olivia Blythe
    Olivia Mae
    Olivia Ruth

    I don't think you necessarily need to stick to a one-syllable middle, though. I would avoid -a ending middles, but I think a long middle can be highly dramatic.

    Sophia Vivienne
    Sophia Annabel
    Sophia Meredith

    Olivia Rosamund
    Olivia Caroline
    Olivia Zephirine

    Of course instead of Annabel you could use Rosabel, Mirabel, or Isabel. And Caroline could be Catherine, or it could be any of the -line names, Emmeline for instance. Meredith is a little more uncommon than Elizabeth but there's nothing wrong with Elizabeth.

    Basically, because Sophia and Olivia are very beloved and well-used right now, I wouldn't be afraid to step out slightly further afield for middles, well beyond Grace and Rose.

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    Sophia and Olivia are beautiful classics that will "grow" with your daughters.

    Sophia Catherine
    Sophia Kate

    Sophia Pearl
    Sophia Rose

    Olivia Charlotte
    Olivia Claire
    Olivia Blythe

    Olivia Mae

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    There are a lot of great suggestions on this thread! Just wanted to add Sophia Maeve. I think this would go really well with a pp's suggestion of Olivia June. Olivia June & Sophia Maeve.

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    I think the suggestions of Sophia Kate and Olivia Claire are very nice for one syllable choices. I have Sophia Kate in my Elena combo. So many names sound great with both of your choices.

    Do you have any special family names that would be fitting to use? Some longer names I think sound lovely are Sophia Meredith and Olivia Kathryn.
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