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    Exclamation Middle names for Sophia & Olivia-any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Hello Nameberries

    I am terrible with matching middle names and first names. Any ideas for middle names that go with Sophia and Olivia, our last name rymes with fusel.

    Also do you think that Sophia and Olivia are names that would suit a child throughout their life? Do you think that these names give a good impression? And what impression do they give?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!:???:

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    Sophia seems very girly. Olivia seems like she could be girly or a tom boy. Maybe she could be both as the mood suited her. I think they are both nice names. They are also both popular names.

    I think one syllable middle names would work best for both with your last name.

    Sophia Nor and Olivia Blair are nice.
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    These are beautiful names. I have a daughter named Sophia and just love it. These are girly for sure and are so common in their generation that they will have no problem growing up with these names as they will be surrounded by other young women growing up with these names.

    To balance the popularity and frill of theses names I suggest middles that are simple and less comon currently (though may be classics). Think of names you would be happy for them to use as the primary name should they choose to set themselves apart from the other girls named Olivia and Sophia. Or a middle name that can be joined witht he first name to form a combo name so that they can distinguish themselves in a classroom withouth having to be Sophia F..

    Sophia Ann - can go by Ann or blended to be Sophianna
    Olivia June - June is great on it's own or Olivia-June is super cute!
    Olivia Jane - (see above but more traditional)

    I am sure people on here can come up with more inspired ideas than I can right now if you like this idea.


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    I agree with pps that since these names are getting so much use this generation, any child with them should have no trouble growing up with them! I think that you could have a longer middle since your last name isn't too long, but I like unusual shorter names, too.

    Olivia Wren
    Olivia Shea
    Olivia Quinn
    Olivia Monroe or Olivia Harper
    Olivia Molly
    Olivia Cosette
    Olivia Rosalind
    Olivia Alexis
    Olivia Romilly
    Olivia Imogen

    Sophia Tess
    Sophia Laine
    Sophia Morgan
    Sophia Rosemary
    Sophia Caroline
    Sophia Florence
    Sophia Avery
    Sophia Auden

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    I agree... these names are very popular, so your future daughter will probably know several other girls with these names.

    Sophia Brynn
    Sophia Claire
    Sophia June
    Sophia Bridget
    Sophia Margot
    Sophia Grace
    Sophia Katherine
    Sophia Paige
    Sophia Lily

    Olivia Faith
    Olivia Ruth
    Olivia Cadence
    Olivia Wren
    Olivia Mary
    Olivia Pearl
    Olivia Tess
    Olivia Scarlett
    Olivia Christine
    Olivia Dawn
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