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    Seraphina useable? sibling names to Noah and Eliana

    I have two children and we are trying for our third. I have Noah William and Eliana Beatrice I had a ton of trouble choosing Eliana's name but for the next daughter I am loving Seraphina and am asking fr others opinion and middle name suggestions. BTW I actually like the name Sarah so Sera as a nn wouldnt bother me. Also for a boy I am liking Seth a lot, hubby likes Abram. Laurence is a family name so it would most likely stay.

    Thoughs on

    Seraphina Pearl

    Seraphina Juliet

    I love both but think Pearl has a slight edge for me

    Seth Laurence
    Abram Laurence

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    Seraphina is nms, but it's lovely. Especially with Pearl. It sounds nice and has a great flow. Of your boy choices, I like Abram. It's on our list for a boy too. I think both those names go well with your sibset too.

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    Noah, Eliana and Seraphina is great! I prefer Juliet in the middle.
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    Seraphina and Eliana have the same feel and to me are sort of close sounding.
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    I like Seraphina, but I also wondered how it would bode in a school setting.. it would get shortened for sure.. so if you like Sera then I think it would be a good fit. Personally, I like the name Seth better than Abram.
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