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    Juliet and Fiona sound best with Annabel, Owen & Sullivan. I like Juliet Maeve, Fiona Juliet, and Fiona Maeve

    I hate Jules, Julie, and Julia. If I had a Juliet I'd call her Etta

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    Wow all of your choices are so pretty! Just keep considering each one until you find "The" pairing that both you and your husband feel happy with. Juliet seems like a nice nickname to compliment any of your others (I esp love Olive Juliet) and if you don't like the nn Julie then just shorten it to Jewel/Jules when you're in a hurry. Good luck! =]

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    I vote for Juliette/Julietta to go best with Annabel (which I love BTW)!

    However, I think you need to keep looking b/c I don't think your husband's love of Juliet is a good enough reason to pick a name that you don't equally love! It would be different if the name were to honor a very important person in his life or had some important religious significance. It seems like there is a name out there that you both will love.

    PS-you are right Julie is TERRIBLE!

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    Juliet has always been a favorite of mine and I think it is a beautiful name. It make me imagine an adorable, sweet yet sophisticated little girl and a confident, accomplished, pretty young woman. Juliet Maeve flows nicely. If you don't want her called Julie, stand your ground with your husband and relatives. It will work, believe me. I had to put my foot down with one of my daughter's names and no one calls her by a nickname....not even when she was in school. She insisted she be called by her full name and her classmates and teachers always used her full name.

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    Maeve Juliet seems like the perfect compromise name to me. I think Annabel and Maeve are absolutely stunning togethere - and Maeve isn't short falled at all on cute nicknames. What about Meme/Mimi, Evie or the classic Mae. I for one think Annie & Mae are outstanding together (as are Belle and Annie - depending on what your nn for Annabel is).

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