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    I really like Annabel Maeve too. It flows well, is pretty and has meaning for both you and your DH. One nn option could be AnnaMay.

    Another option to Julie, if he's still stuck on that name, is Juliana... It combines part of your Annabel with part of his Juliet. Juliana Maeve works imo. You could nn her JM =Jem or Jemma or Jemmy to get away from the Jules/Julie nns or still nn her AnnaMay.

    I'm not a fan of Maeve in the first spot, especially paired with Juliet. The flow feels wrong.

    Other combos I like from your list:
    Fiona Maeve
    Fiona Juliet
    (neither of these combos work with Maeve as a fn either, flow wise, imo)
    Fiona Annabel

    These all work with Owen & Sullivan imo.

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    I think Daphne and Annabel are cute together. If you don't like any of his other names, the only place I would put them is in the middle spot...otherwise I think you would always regret her names.
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    What do you think about the name Jewel? Maeve Jewel has a really nice ring to it and It seems like Jewel could be a good compromise. Btw I didn't see you mention any names u love.

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    Okay, he loves the name Juliet, you don't like Julie. Don't call her Julie. It's not likely to happen anyways.

    I don't think it's fair to skip a name that he loves so much just because you don't like the idea that she might be called Julie.

    Annabel and Juliet is lovely, spell it Juliette for extra emphasis on the ette part. Annabel and Olive is nice, but lacking imo. The rest I'm not feeling, but it's really up to you two. Fiona, Maeve,don't match in the sibset at all imo, and Olive kinda fits. Juliet fits best.
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    I doubt anyone would call your daughter Julie unless that's how you introduced her. It would never occur to me to call a Juliet by the nickname Julie, since Julie is a stand alone name. I can see Jules being used, but not Julie.

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