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    my DH begged me to name our DD Juliet... HELP!

    HA! This is not the end of the world, I know, but DH LOVES THE NAME JULIE. I am not kidding. There is a wierd, deep infatuation with him. He just adores the name. Has always begged me to use it. But the kicker is I HATE JULIE. Like, want to scream, throw up in mouth, hurt someone kind of hate (ok, that is a bit extreme but you get the picture). He honestly does NOT CARE about names like I do and has many, many times said, if you love it honey I really don't care. I know he will go along with any name and love it just fine. He just really likes Juliet. He promised not to call her Julie (he even swore to my "deal" of paying me $100 every time he said it, lol) but I know it'll happen. If not from him, from family, friends, strangers, OR just from her, if she prefers it later in life. OR from HER friends. Big deal? Kinda. For me. I really want a major attachment to her name. This is my last baby. Last daughter. I've been in love with a few names for EVER and I'd be sad to go with one Im luke warm on... at best.

    He also told me he loves Maeve. He envisions Ireland (his ancestry) and green fields. I like it to, but feel that next to the very girly Annabel, that Maeve may feel short handed?? Maeve is gorgeous but no cute nicknames like Annabel has, or flowy girliness. Does that matter? I told him we could do Maeve Juliet and he could still call her Jules if he wanted. We both like MJ.

    The other name he LOVES is Olive. He never used to love it but now he does.

    He still does love Fiona and Daphne, but he said Fiona, Maeve and Olive (and Juliet) would be his favorites.

    Please. Any thoughts on this? I'd like to have my poor DH like her name but I want to love it, also. And in all fairness, it matters more to me than him (he admits this). Thoughts on these names and how they compare to Annabel (and brothers Owen and Sullivan)?

    ETA: Annabel is my daughter... not a name we are considering
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    If you hate it that much, I say do not use it. You will be unhappy and it is not right. Since it matters more to you I think you should go with a fn you love and use Juliet as a mn.

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    Annabel - it seems like you have your heart kind of set on Annabel. I like Annabel(le) a lot - it has actually just made it onto my top 50 list. I think it works really well with Owen and Sullivan and a sib-set.
    Maeve - To me this name evokes feelings and visions of forest nymphs and fairies - but not the overly happy kind but the miscevious fae and far-kin type. Traditional and yet spunky. I think it would make a great fn or mn.
    Juliet - I've loved Juliet for a while but I agree with you that Julie is awful and I'm not a fan of Jules either. (My niece is Julie and one of my best friends Jules and I'm still not convinced.) Though a friend of mine gave her children names that have obvious nn's like Christopher (Chris and Topher) but she hated both and insisted that their names never be shortened. In fact the kids have gotten so used to it that they don't like their names being shortened either. I think if you go with Juliet but insist that it never be shortened (it's not like it's soo long) you might have to fight for it but it's a battle you can absolutely win.
    Olive - I love Olive (much more that Olivia in fact) but prefer your other choices more.
    Fiona - my Top 10 list. 'Nuff said.
    Daphne - nms. I know it's a Greek Nymph name and while I usually like those this one makes me think of ditzy sorority girls and mean girl types.

    I think Annabel Juliet or Annabel Maeve would be beautiful combo's with your boys names and would allow you to choose Annabel with it's many nn options and still honor your husbands favorite name and/or heritage without having to worry about nn's you dislike. (If you were taking a poll I'd vote for Annabel Maeve).
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    PP^^^ I'm so sorry for the confusion, i already HAVE a daughter named Annabel. I was asking if Maeve complimented her as a SISTER Sorry, again, for the confusion.

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    We have had to compromise on our kids names too. There are ones that we each adore but the other can't stand! Sad but true. Julie is kind of dated to me honestly (makes me think of the 70's) but Julia, Juliet, Julliann/e or Julianna are nice imho if you also enjoy how they sound.
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