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    I find Vivian, Vienna, and Evelyn too similar in sound (as a pp noted, viVIAN and VIENna with the first; Vivian and Evelyn sound a bit like the same sounds rearranged to me). Rosalind and Felicity are by far my favorites! American Girl is constantly updating their collection. Some older dolls, like Samantha, have been retired, and I imagine that at some point, Felicity probably will be, too, so her generation won't associate them so much (plus it's fun to share your name with the doll you get! She'll know you didn't name her after it). And all that said, I don't associate Felicity with the doll... And Rosalind is beautiful, historical, literary, etc. Fabulous. Mirabel is fine; it just doesn't wow me.

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    I like Evelyn best out of your choices
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    Mirabel - I like this, but I like the less-common -bel names. I like the soft sound of Mira as a nickname, too. But Magnolia or Marigold or Miriam could be non-bel options?

    Felicity - I love Felicity a lot.

    Vienna - I don't like Vienna with Vivian, and also the whole city-name thing feels far more modern than Vivian does, to me.

    Rosalind/Rosalyn - I like Rosalind a lot, though it doesn't quite break my top 3 rose-names (Rosamund, Rosemary, Rosalba)

    Evelyn - Sounds almost like you played letter-jumble with Vivian to me.

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    thanks- these opinions are all very helpful. I think at this point our top two are Rosalind and Evelyn...DH also suggested Anastasia, which I hadn't even really considered...

    any additional thoughts?

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    I love Evelyn. I think it's beautiful and classic, and I don't think it's too popular at all. It's certainly not Elizabeth or Charlotte. Mirabel is tapping into the Belle/Bella trend, Felicity and Rosalind are a bit clunky for me, and I find Vienna is borderline pretentious, although very pretty. I think Evelyn is perfect.
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