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    a sister for Vivian

    My daughter is Vivian, and our last name is two syllables and sounds like err-when.

    I am expecting a baby girl due October 2nd. We are currently nameless.

    We whittled our way through 40 names and came up with 5 finalists:

    At this point we are undecided. I like classic, pretty names that aren't too popular or too "out there." If Evelyn weren't so popular that would already be her name. My other favorite is Rosalind/Rosalyn. DH loves Felicity but I can't help but think of the American Girl doll (which I got in childhood). DH also loves Penelope but I am having a hard time getting on board. Mirabel is nice but I worry about the -belle/-bella trend.

    Thoughts? Any other suggestions?


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    Out of these name my favorite is Felicity. I don't think it is too tied to the American Girl Doll at all. But if you're worried you could try Felicia, Felixia, Felixa, or Félicienne.
    As for Vienna, I like the name but it sounds way too close to Vivian. viVIAN and VIENna
    I love Rosalind (Rosalie is also nice) but don't like Rosalyn. It doesn't have the classic beauty of Rosalind and looks like many modern invented names.
    Mirabel is nice but I much prefer Amabel or Miriam
    Evelyn - this is a very nice name but if you are worried about it's popularity you could use Eve, Eva (which is also popular), Evie, Evangeline, or Ever.

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    I like Vivian and Evelyn together; I think they both have the same feel and vibe. A close second would be Rosalyn/Rosalind.
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    On your list, I really like Mirabel and Rosalind (although I prefer Rosalie). Felicity just reminds me of the TV show. Vienna is a beautiful city, but as a name I think it sounds like it's trying too hard to sound different. It also is kind of matchy with Vivian. Evelyn is a nice name, but I have a few friends whose moms names are Evelyn, so it reads kind of middle aged to me. Evangeline or Evelina might be nice alternatives.

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    I think Rosalind would be a great choice! It is very pretty and I think it goes great with Vivian! My second favorite would be Felicity.
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