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    Exclamation Sibling for big brother Rylee.

    My cousin is having her second baby (soonish) We have exact polar opposite name taste. She's very into the yooneek type names, and I like "out there" names. She knows I'm a huge name freak, and has asked me to come up with a list! Last name will be Girard! Rylee James is her first son. She had NO other options, she's loved that name since she was in a high school. Lee and Lynn are CRAZY big family names. It's a bit ridiculous. She wants to use Lynn (no matter how ridiculous the spelling looks) as part of the first name, but she's willing to have lynn as a middle name if she finds a name she really likes. For a boy she's thinking "Slade" and for a girl she likes "Ashlynn" and "Adelynn" I threw up COUNTLESS names, and I'm all out of ideas. She doesn't want a single celebrity to have the name. :/ Names she DID like are as follow.

    Boys : Sawyer, Hayden, Lindlee, Slade, Flynn (Kind of), Wes, Christian, and Nicholas.

    Girls : Ashlynn, Adelynn, and Alexa. (Just a cawinkydink that they all start with an A!)

    I made a new list of...

    Boys : Evan, Nolan, Auden, Kennedy, Maddox, Devin, Cameron, Dylan, Lyndon, Llewelynn, Lynx, Taylor, Lleyton, and Tatum.

    Girls : Adelaide, Emmelynn, Avalynn, Brooklynn, Evelynn, Falynn, Lyndsee, and Marilynn.

    I haven't actually SHOWED her this new list, but I'm hoping she likes a FEW at least. Please help! (: Sorry this was so much to read!! Thank you in advance! <3

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    Does it have to be spelled Lynn? I think lovely names like Emmalynn, Evelynn and Adelynn look WRONG and they're all such lovely names!

    I adore Flynn and I think its a perfect match with Rylee. Call off the search as far as I'm concerned.

    I don't think I can help with girls names, other that to convince her to use Lynn for the middle.
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    I LOVE Flynn, I think its perfect. Llewellyn is also a cool name but then again, its my surname, aha! For the girls, I like Emmalynn but Adelynn just look completely made up, hmm. I like Brooklyn and Marilyn though. Do they have to have the double N? Brooklyn is nice spelled with just one?
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    Lynnea (var. of Linnea came to mind). Although I do think changing the spelling or using Lynn as a middle is much better.

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