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    Need help with my sibling name list!

    We have one daughter named Arabella. I thought we were settled on our names for siblings and now I'm not sure. We're planning having more (in the near future) and I'd love some feedback/suggestions. We like old-fashioned, vintage, and many-syllable names. We like names that people have heard before but that aren't common (Madeleine, Olivia, and Catherine-type names are beautiful but too common). We also like shorter old-fashioned names like Alice and Olive that are paired with a longer middle name. Middle names will be family names. Our last name is one-syllable, harsh German name.

    Short Girls Names:
    Alice Penina
    Olive Adelaine
    Eloise Irelyn
    Clara Eleanora (Claree)
    Frances Joliette
    Colette Helene
    Charlotte Michaele (Prounounced Mick-ale)

    Long Girl Names:
    Genevieve Bess
    Wilhelmina Joy
    Evangeline Mae
    Josephine Grace
    Philippa June

    Long Boys Names:
    Theodore James
    Oliver Daniel
    Elliott Tayloe (not Taylor)
    Sebastian Michael

    Short Boys Names:
    Arthur Lewis
    Charles Lyndon
    George Hammond

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    With Arabella, I wouldn't go for a name which is as ungirlie as I see a couple of your names being- Olive and Frances, namely.
    I love both these names (Olive is my eldest daughter's name) but I see them as both so different to Arabella.

    The names I see going best with Arabella are:
    Alice Penina- Arabella and Alice sound like sisters. Alice I find pretty but not 'ooh thats interesting' pretty.
    Eloise Irelyn- Reeeeheally dislike Irelyn, as it looks a little yooneek. But I think Eloise is pretty with your daughter's name. Not an exciting combination, maybe a little predictable? But nice
    Philippa June- Amazing combination. I love Philippa, and even more so with Arabella. It compliments the lively, girlie Arabella by being, still girlie, but more lilting and mellow.
    Josephine Grace- Again, really don't love Grace in the middle. But, I like Josephine. Spunky and underused
    Clara Eleanora- I like this one but I'm not the Claree nickname! I think the combination is beautiful here. Really graceful and pretty.
    Wilhelmina Joy- LOVE this with Arabella. So unexpected and cool. Wilhelmina is criminally underused. Would you use a nickname? The only question with this name is whether its a lotta name for a wee girl to carry!

    I really don't like Evangeline and Charlotte of your other names, but hey, thats just my personal taste. Both have slightly slobby associations for me.

    I've written something for all your boy names bar one because they all seem like a pretty acceptable match for Arabella!
    Elliot Tayloe seems a very trendy, modern match for Arabella. Neither name has the style of your others, imo

    Theodore James- Theodore is so cute. James is, well, the ultimate 'neutral' name for me
    Oliver Daniel- Oliver is sweet. Again, a little too popular for my taste, but a sweet name
    Sebastian Michael- Love Sebastian and Arabella! Offbeat. Don't like Michael with Sebastian however...little mismatched?
    Arthur Lewis- Arabella and Arthur are a gorgeous pair
    Charles Lyndon- My favourite option by a country mile. Straight laced but fun name, and love the middle name Lyndon.
    George Hammond- Have a soft spot for George. Hammon just makes me think 'ham' but what a golden, timeless first name

    So, favourites for me are: Philippa June, Wilhelmina Joy, Clara Eleanora (in order) and for boys Charles Lyndon, Sebastian, George

    What would Arabella's name been had she been a boy, out of curiosity?
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    With Arabella, I think another really girly name would go perfectly, so all your names are great. I wouldn't however have another A name (like Alice) because that could set you up for a sibset of A names!

    Alice Penina: like I just said that 'A' name problem. It is a love combo though and if it doesn't bother you Arabella and Alice is adorable.
    Olive Adelaine: Im not a big fan of either name. Adelaine sounds a lot like Adelaide which I really don't like, but I think Arabella and Olive could work well as a sibset.
    Eloise Irelyn: I love everything about this combo. Eloise is a stunning name and I know a lot of people won't like it, but I love Irelyn. Or even Ireland?
    Clara Eleanora: Really pretty combination but I love the English pronounciation of Clara which is CLAHR-RAH. I don't know if thats how your pronouncing it but I strongly dislike the CLAIR-RUH way *shrugs*
    Frances Joliette: Not a fan, sorry
    Colette Helene: Colette had grown on me lately and Arabella and Colette would make a great sibset, imo. Im not a fan of Helene though.
    Charlotte Michaele: LOVE Charlotte but I'd want to pronounce the middle name Michelle...
    Genevieve Bess: Adore the name Genevieve and the nn Evie! Bess is nms, seems more of a nn, maybe?
    Wilhemina Joy: Never been a fan of Wilhemina, Joy is pretty though.
    Evangeline Mae: LOVE this combo. Arabella and Evangeline would be super cute
    Josephine Grace: I prefer Josie on its own, I dunno why :/ And I know people hate the middle name Grace because its filler but I love the name and think the combo is perfect.
    Phillipa June: Lovely

    I think every single one of your boys name goes perfectly with Arabella so I won't go through them all. The only one I think is a little misfit is Elliott Taylor. NOT a fan of Tayloe, it just looks like the misspelt version of Taylor, sorry! I especially love Charles Lyndon.

    Good luck! Bree
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    Alice Penina - Love Alice but Penina sounds too much like Panini. I would try Penna or Perrine
    Olive Adelaine - Love this though Adeline, Delaine, or Adelaide might make it a bit simpler
    Eloise Irelyn - like Eloise, but I think Ireland would be prettier
    Clara Eleanora (Claree) - love this combination though I like some of the other first names better
    Frances Joliette - I'd use Juliette instead
    Colette Helene - For me, Collette feels a bit dated. I'd suggest Corinne or go back to its root and chose another variation of Nicole. I also like Helen better than Helene
    Charlotte Michaele (Prounounced Mick-ale) - Adore Charlotte but no offense Michaele is a bit odd. It seems to pronounced like Mikhail, the Russian boys name which would be more unique and interesting

    Long Girl Names:
    Genevieve Bess - Love Genevieve but might want to change Bess to the more formal Elizabeth
    Wilhelmina Joy - Possibly my favorite combo
    Evangeline Mae - love this one as well
    Josephine Grace - Adore it
    Philippa June - fantastic

    Long Boys Names:
    Theodore James - like
    Oliver Daniel - love Oliver, but not a huge fan of Daniel
    Elliott Tayloe (not Taylor) - Elliott is nice but Tayloe will confuse everyone and frankly I don;t think it is as nice as Taylor
    Sebastian Michael - like

    Short Boys Names:
    Arthur Lewis - like
    Charles Lyndon - unsure
    George Hammond - love George but Hammond is a bit odd and very surname-y

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    Numina- Arabella would have been an Arthur Lewis had she been a boy. We assumed it was a boy and were pleasantly surprised to hear we had a girl on the way. Arabella was a name we had picked out a long time ago (nearly 6-7 years ago) before the Bella's and Isabella's of Twilight made it more popular. Last summer (while I was pregnant) when Ivanka Trump named her daughter Arabella, we thought we were going to go with Alice Penina until Bella-esque names died down.

    However, Alice is another name that is becoming more popular(maybe because of Twilight?). It's my husband's grandmother's name and she is one of the coolest ladies I know. In any case, we went with Arabella and it fits her perfectly. We're 11 months in and we've avoided the Bella nickname too. I hope that continues. I love the name Bella but it's a nickname that has become too popular and I always thought I would have uniquely named children. :-)

    Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate your thoughts. Great suggestions too!

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