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Thread: Sunset?

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    I'm really falling for Sunset as my girls name... Is it completely crazy? Or do you think it's usable? Full name would be Sunset Jessica Ashdown sister to Vale Benjamin, Flynn Elliot and Darby Alexander. All responses very welcome: feel free to be brutally honest - I'd rather know now!

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    Well it would fit her siblings' names but I'm not sure it's the best choice. Personally, I'm not that a big fan of Sunset especially because I've never heard it on a person, and second because I can't see any nn for Sunset except Sunny or Set and I don't really like those.

    BUT if you choose a classic MN I'm sure it can perfectly work.
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    I think it's cute and totally usable! I like the nicknames Sun, Sunny, Sky, and Nyx(night). It's a little "out there" but if my name was Sunset I'd like that my name was different
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    It's definitely "out there" and you might get some bad feedback from family and friends but after thinking about it I like it. And I think Sunny is a cute nn.

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    I know you love it, but personally, I don't think it's usable.

    I also don't think it fits with your other kids' names (which I actually love, by the way, especially Vale). While their names are not mainstream, they seem more versatile. Sunset just makes me think of a flower-child. Cute, but it would almost pigeonhole her into a "role." I think it would be better in the middle spot, if you really love it!

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