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    Meaningful Middle name for Natalie due in 1 Month!

    Hola!!!! Wow it's been a long time! Baby Natalie is almost here and we're so excited! Anyone want to give some ideas for the middle name? I would love something with a neat meaning and PLEASE don't just list 1000 names that you like.
    My mom's name is Donna Maria. She died 7 years ago and I wanted the baby to be named Natalie Maria, but hubby hates it, he's Mexican so everyone and their aunt is named Maria. Totally understandable. He suggested Marie (my middle name) but then, same here - way too over-used... My cousin and sister have been pushing Natalie Rose, which sounds great except I was hoping for something a little more original than Rose...Natalie Donna just doesn't sound right. I dunno, I'm back to square one, but it looks like Natalie Rose is it unless I can find something that completely convinces me in the next month! the worst part is that I won't pick a middle name unless it has some meaning to me, which y'all would never know because you don't know me but I thought maybe some brainstorming and I'll get lucky..
    Anyway, THANK YOU for your help!!!
    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    How about Natalie Amber? Natalie Rose is very pretty. I say go with your heart. See what rolls off your tonge. Yell at your husband and pretend he is your daughter. See if you want to yell that when you are calling her from the park or yelling at her for drawing on the wall.

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    Amber is a great suggestion but I personally don't like it, I knew too many Ambers growing up I guess. But your suggestion to practice saying the name out loud is a good one, and makes me feel better about Natalie Rose. So thank you!!
    I'd still love to hear more suggestions too though!
    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    "Close your eyes and think about it.

    Which name do you really, really love the most?

    Go with the one that makes you smile every time you say it."

    --Suelain Moy, author

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    If you wanted to go with a name related to Maria/Marie, you actually have a lot of choices. I don't know how religious you are, but there are many options if you connect a name with the life of Mary. Here are a couple of suggestions that are related to some title, event, attribute, or depiction of Mary:

    Natalie Virginia
    Natalie Annunciata
    Natalie Regina
    Natalie Immaculata
    Natalie Liliana/Lillian
    Natalie Stella/Estelle/Estrella
    Natalie Grace
    Natalie Pilar
    Natalie Beata
    Natalie Dolores
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