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    I have always felt so bad for the kids on Toddlers & Tiaras! I never really payed attention to names because I was so preoccupied by their awful fate, but these are simply ridiculous! Sparkal? Really? Who on this earth would name their child Sparkal? Well, I guess if their parents are so insane that they are on Toddlers & Tiaras, that makes a lot of sense....

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    My eyes....myEYES!!!!

    These are (almost all) utterly horrific.
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    Most of them are definitely not the dominant style here, but I also feel most of them will not do the little children any harm in their lives. I worry for little Sparkal, and maybe for Alycesaundra. At least it sounds pretty (I'm assuming it's like Alessandra, maybe it's not). But the spelling..that really is a lot. I could take Alyce for Alice, I could take Saundra for Sandra, but this is kind of bizarre. Alice+Sandra does not = Alessandra. That mom had to go out of her way to do that.

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    I'm watching an episode now, and this little girls name is Iysla. It's pronounce EYES-luh.
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    Literally the only names on this list that I'm okay with are Giavanna and Cavin. They at least sound somewhat legit

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