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    Exclamation Need A Strong but Girly Name

    I feel like I've seen every name in existence and I still cannot decide on a good girl's name to go with big brother Maximus Alexander. We already decided on Dante Amadeus for our next boy. As for a girl, we're lost.

    We want strong names that are not in the top 100 and have good meanings. (See why it's so hard?) Maximus Alexander means "Greatest Defender of the People." Dante Amadeus means "Everlasting Love of God."

    Now to find a girl's name that meets this criteria. We like French names like Cosette (Victorious People). My biggest problem at the moment is that my favorite girl's name is Alexa but we couldn't use it since we have Alexander used already (and it's too popular for us). Any ideas? Thank you!!
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    Drucilla - mighty, strong
    Wilhelmina - strong willed warrior
    Gesine - strong spear
    Mina - strong willed warrior
    Valene - strong
    Zephyra - strong wind
    Gertrude - strong spear
    Bryna - strong one
    Sandra/Saundra - defender of the people
    Lexine - defender of the people
    Lexis - defender of the people
    Bernice - brings victory
    Veronica - bringing victory
    Nicole/Nichole - victory of the people
    Nicolette - victory of the people
    Nicoline - victory of the people
    Nakita - victory of the people
    Veronique - bringing victory
    Abrielle - god is my strength
    Brielle/Briella - god is my strength
    Millicent - mild strength
    Mildred - mild strength
    Matilda - battle strength
    Valerie - strength
    Amiela - people of god
    Athena - goddess of war
    Artemis - goddess of hunt
    Martina - servant of goddess of war
    Bellona - goddess of war
    Bettina - god is my oath

    EDIT: (some more I found)
    Ariella - Lion of god
    Arielle/Ariel - lion of god
    Arabella - beautiful lion
    Leona - lion
    Arlette - lion of god
    Leonie - lioness
    Bernadette - brave as a bear
    Adalia - Noble
    Ailisa - Noble
    Elsie - Noble
    Ethel - Noble
    Mona - Noble
    Patricia - Noble
    Abrianna - Noble, virtuous
    Adella - Noble
    Adette - Sweet or noble
    Alonsa - Ready or noble
    Alice - of noble kin
    Alicia - of noble kin
    Edolie - noble, good
    Edeline - noble
    Eurydice/Euridice - wild justice
    Adla - Justice
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    I love Vera Cosette as it means "victorious life."

    Eleni Cosette or Eleni anything would be wonderful too! Eleni is a variant of Helen, meaning "bright, shining one." I pronounce it ah-lay-knee, the way it's pronounced in the movie of the same title.

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    What about Valencia? I think she would be a perfect sibling for Maximus. It means strong/brave/healthy depending on where you look, it's also a place name, a saints name too, or the name of an orange if that matters. I love it for you!

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    Cosette does not mean "victorious people"!!!! It means "little thing", and it was created by Victor Hugo in the Misérables as the nickname of the main character, an unwanted, abandoned child. I think you may be confusing it with Colette, which does come from Nicole / Nicholas / Nikolaos - "victory of the people".

    What about Alexia? It's the feminine form of Alexis, and it means "defender" (the same element in Alexander, but a different name). I don't think it's strange if your son's goes by his first name of Maximus.
    Alice or Alix ("noble kind")
    Axelle ("my father is my peace")
    Allegra ("cheerful")
    Alma ("soul")
    Alta ("high")

    More ideas:
    Lux (light)
    Pax (peace)
    Bellatrix (warrior)
    Victoria, Victory
    Honora (honour)
    Matilda (strenght in battle)
    Bellona (goddess of war)
    Edith (blessed war)
    Grisel, Griselda, Zelda (grey battle)
    Roxana, Roxanne (dawn)
    Aurora (dawn)
    Esmée (beloved)
    Claire, Clara ("clear")
    Niamh, Neve ("bright")
    Beatrix ("voyager" or "bringer of happiness")
    Felicia ("happiness")
    Amabel ("kind")
    Kerensa ("love")
    Carys ("love")
    Zoe ("life")
    Clementine ("merciful")
    Constance ("constancy")
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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